Company Profile

Servicing Client Needs

GA Consulting was formed to address the specific client needs that are not normally taken care of during normal accounting procedures. Our clients require service that is tailored to their individual needs. There is no cookie cutter approach to how we serve our clients. We work along side of our clients to leverage our expertise so that they can achieve their goals.

Accounting & Finance

It has always been our experience that the accounting functions that are preformed by any normal firm lack value for the client. Accounting is the act of determining what you have done or where you are. When GA Consulting adds its financial expertise to this equation, the client can get the answers to the real questions. How do we grow, what products should we continue to produce, should we rent or buy a new facility?


In a perfect world any sized business would have a CFO. For most small businesses this is an impossible task. GA Consulting is able to offer the benefits of an internal CFO while remaining affordable for the client. It is in this capacity that we can offer our small to mid-size clients the greatest value of service. We work directly with the decision making principals to analyze and evaluate crucial business decisions.